PitchBlak Brass Band Deluxe EP

by PitchBlak Brass Band

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PitchBlak Brass Band present's the DELUXE EP! In the Deluxe version of the EP, PitchBlak includes brand new LIVE recordings from their packed-house performance at Brooklyn Bowl.

Track 5, "The Light" written by Chanell Crichlow, TUBA{{FReSH}}, is a song inspired by the harsh realities and feelings as a young gay person of color. The song is an anthem of sorts, starting off quiet and smooth with the lush vocals of Jackie Morales which then drives into a thoughtful verse by TJ Robinson (AKA MC Fresh Peak). Alison Shearer (AKA The Crag) brings the song to new heights with a prolific solo. Finally, the band comes back together and hits the ending with a hard, meaningful chorus guided by Jackie's vocals and The Guitar Wizard Benjamin Brody floating above it all.

Track 6, "Anticipation" written by Anthony Barfield, was inspired by Anthony's experience of going to PitchBlak shows and seeing how the band has evolved over time. Anticipation is all about getting the crowd hyped and interacting with the band. The piece is heavily inspired by traditional classical elements, while meshing modern day hip-hop into the mold. A true arranger and orchestrater, Barfield included in the arrangement when Bryan Walters (AKA MC Dubs) and MC Fresh Peak should stop playing in advance of their verses, which provides for a smooth on-stage performance of the piece. Anthony Barfield is an active trombonist and composer in every discipline of contemporary and traditional music. You can find more of Mr. Barfield's music and activities at www.anthonybarfield.com

Special thanks to our friends and families, past band members and subs, Melissa Li, Andrew Rowan, Derek Aspenberg, Stuart Brody at North Jersey Ty-Graphics, Anthony Barfield, Paul Smeilus, Aaron Knapp, Bklyn Boihood, The Brooklyn Steppers, Harlem & Brooklyn, live music lovers & party people everywhere. And a special thank to YOU for listening and experiencing...


released September 25, 2012

Produced by PitchBlak Brass Band & Daniel Lynas
Recorded by Daniel Lynas at Ish Lab Studios, DUMBO, Brooklyn on June 4th 2011
Assisted by Oladotun Amu and Frans Mernick
Mixed by Daniel Lynas
The Light and Anticipation Recorded at Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg, Brooklyn on April 12th, 2012
Mixed by Dan Fleisher
Mastered by Dan Fleisher
Cover Art by Brooklyn Hagen
Logo & Design by mightyHATdesign.tumblr.com



all rights reserved


PitchBlak Brass Band Brooklyn, New York

Epic sounds of tubas, trombones, saxophones and other typically non-hip hop instruments in the spirit of The Roots and some of rap’s iconic live bands, to deliver an energy that samples, loops and breakbeats can’t always capture. Their blend of soundscapes and lyrical exuberance creates a grand adventure in listening, one that can hold the attention of music fans from across a fairly wide spectrum ... more


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Track Name: Wine Dat Gyal
Wine on me 'til it hurts
I wanna see you sweat, I wanna see you work
And make that thing do a little jerk
And we can horizontal shuffle from the bed to the earth

Wine Dat Gyal
Work dat gyal
Push it up, jerk it up
Mess it up, f*** it up

Wine up wine down, move it all around
I'm'a stand still while you take it to the ground
Tell me how the Caribbean likes to get down
Something similar to a merry go round

You know us, we stay toothpaste fresh
Arm and hammer, colgate crest
PitchBlak Brass, you rocking with the best
We give you what you need, never nothing less

We can horizontal shuffle, gon' give me that bubble
Take off my shirt, unbuckle my belt buckle
When I saw her I said 'Uh Oh'
Damn there she go body looking beautiful now she Wine real slow

Now she dancin' and I like the way she moves it
She like the band and she like the reggae music
So Wine Dat Gyal if you know you lookin' fancy
Wine Dat Gyal if you know ya' eye candy
Track Name: The Light (Live at Brooklyn Bowl)
Once I saw The Light
And they told me
To stay in the dark

Then I freeze all night
In shameless truths
Trapped in my mind

Then I saw The Light
And they told me
To find a voice

Now I saw The Light

Darkness it goes everything around me
Signs of failure all surround me
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
It's hard as hell trying to confront your fears

And still stay afloat with your peers
Cause you gotta make it somehow by the end of the year
The pressure makes my head want to burst
My life is a curse
There's only few by hurt

Is it real? Or is it my imagination?
Do I have my keys to my own emancipation?
Trying to summon up the strength to complete the mission
Trying to make it worthwhile because there are people listening

Sometimes losing your vision is the best lesson
The true path might be seen in a different spectrum
I give up my sight for The Light
The universe as my guide 'til I die

I saw The Light
And they told me
To stay in the dark

Now I freeze all night
In shameless truths
Trapped in my mind

Then I saw The Light
And they told me
To find a voice

Now I saw The Light
Track Name: Anticipation (Live at Brooklyn Bowl)
Let it drop like a hammer
Nail it to the coffin it's that PitchBlak banger
New frontier you can call us the game changer
You best to tread lightly, yo watch out, danger

So proceed with caution
A ten and "o" record, straight wins no losses
We upper management can say that we straight bossin'
Yeah, the ladies say I'm f***in' awesome

Fresher than a dew drop, conservatory kids wildin' out damn who thought
We could start this musical wild fire, we too hot
No need to get offended 'cause we so fly you not

Call it pure domination
Let these sound waves send your mind on vacation
I see you waiting but I beg you to be patient
So sit back, and enjoy Anticipation


PitchBlak Brass swaggin' in surround sound
You can find me swaggin' all around town
Wait a second, Stop the clock
Bring it back now let the beat drop

Yeah I'm on
Ready, set, go no Anticipation
Out here killin' every track I'm on
You can try and hate but my flow's too strong, I'm gone

I agree I'm right you're wrong
My team's in flight while your team's at home
Rip it up like a storm……….Cyclone
Handle my business like I'm grown

And I'm on a mission
No pope, no cardinal, no bishop
People tryin' to find a way to obtain wisdom
But if you just stop take a moment and listen